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about david

David has built his reputation on international productions to build and lead teams to support large film productions around the world.

Working across many Genres from Sci-Fi, Period (BC and AD), Action, Spy, Adventure and War.

David's current geo-location has been working across the European continent and the UK.

Including across the Mediterranean in North and South Africa.
Most recently working on Ridley Scott’s ‘Gladiator II' shooting in Morocco and Malta.


Prior to Europe he cut his teeth in Asia, building crews in the then newly opened studios across Asia to support large productions entering the region; Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and China.


​Initially from Australia, David worked his way up in the Art Department on Films and TV Drama in Sydney, and was accepted to study at the 'Australian Film Television Radio School' (AFTRS) graduating with a 'MA in Art Direction and Production Design' in 2003.


David has built a strong network of crews throughout Australia, Asia, UK, Europe and Africa over the past 30 years in his time in the industry.

His passion for storytelling and creating world building environments is richly reflected in all David’s work.

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